6 Palm Muting

Palm Muting

What is Palm Muting and what does it sound like? Have a look at this and find out!

This technique is very easy to do once you know how and can change the sound hugely! As the name suggests, we use the palm of our hand, specifically this part:

[insert highlighted part of hand]

We rest this part of our hand on the strings just where the bridge is:

[insert pic of this from split view of pop and head on]

Now we can move our palm closer to the bridge or closer to the head of the guitar. The closer to the head we go, the more muted the strings will be. Have a little play around with what type of sounds you can get just by moving you palm along the strings.

Once you have found a comfortable position you like, we just need to play the chords or melody as we normally would. A good place to start would be by using power chords as they sound great with palm muting and they are pretty easy to strum too!

We can use this for melodies as well. If we mute all the strings and play along we can get really short notes that pop out, amazing for Pop or Funk playing!