About Me

About Me

My name is Lewis, and I’m a musician. Growing up, I played a lot of video games, namely “Guitar Hero 3”. This was the initial spark to my professional career. Throughout high school I decided to dedicate my life to music, practicing any time I could, putting hundreds of hours in to my instrument. This lasted through to the end of my studies at high school, but didn’t stop, as I pursued music in higher education.

I spent 2 years studying for a BTEC in Music which involved writing for sync purposes, songwriting, performance, and analysis of music. This is also the time that I was introduced to recording software and using Logic Pro, which has been an invaluable asset to me since. Throughout these 2 years I discovered a brand new set of skills that I could utilise and broaden my own knowledge in music, which have all influenced my pathways to this date. I received a Triple Distinction Star (D*D*D*) for that course and decided it would be beneficial to take my studies further and decide how to improve my skills and create a life style around music. 


I decided to move to Surrey to continue my studies at The Academy of Contemporary Music. I chose to take Guitar Performance at a BA(Hons) level which focused on advanced theoretical concepts, techniques, and development on my pre-existing knowledge. I was lucky enough to be taught by some of the greatest and leading musicians currently in the music scene, and discover unique concepts that define professional guitarists.

During my time learning these theories and in-depth analyses, I was also utilising my other skills such as audio manipulation and recreation for other media, production with other artists and myself, and playing gigs around the UK in various cover bands, originals, and working as an MD for other artists.

‘If you are looking for a committed, reliable guitarist with a strong work ethic, you need look no further’

– Jon Bishop (Guitar Techniques and Total Guitar Magazine contributor. Shakin Stevens band and The Bodyguard UK Tour)