If there are any questions they will most likely be answered here! If not, please feel free to contact me here and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

How old do I have to be to learn guitar?

There is no age limit! Though I would advise that the student is at least 6 years old!

Do I have to own a guitar?

Not at all! I can provide instruments for the both of us during our lessons, but having your own instrument would be advised to practice between sessions so your playing can improve much quicker.

Do I have to do grades?

Not at all! If you just want to learn guitar for the joy and passion then great, but if you want to pursuit grades then I'm more than happy to help. I'm here to make sure you get to where YOU want to be, regardless of the end goal.

How good do I have to be?

You can be an absolute beginner,  professional player who is looking for a little more guidance, or anywhere in between, the important thing is that we work on areas of improvement and develop as players!

Where do the lessons take place?

I'm more than happy to travel to you, provide the distance is within a 10 mile radius of myself (Addlestone, Surrey). Unfortunately I will not be able to host lessons at my home studio as there are currently refurbishments undergoing. I will be able to host them towards the end of the year.

How fast will learn?

Everyone learns at their own pace. Some people learn through playing, some through listening, and others through visuals such as shapes and patterns. My job is to see what kind of learner you are and to find the best way to teach the guitar which is easiest and most efficient to you! 

Do I have to learn one type of music?

Not at all, if you like Jazz but want to look in to the world of Funk, we absolutely can! Before we start the course, we will meet up and discuss your own goals and what you want to play with a personal consultation, free of charge. This will give me a clearer idea of the type of player you want to be and guide the lessons to find the perfect fit for you.

Do you have any experience?

I graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music in 2017 with a Bachelors in Music. Whilst completing my degree and to date, I'm actively gigging around the UK in various band performing original music from myself and other artists, and working for multiple agencies that hire bands for weddings, birthdays, functions, etc. I also have tuition experience working in multiple high schools and helping students with GCSE submissions and attaining fantastic grades. Along side this, I privately taught students who needed extra support and boosted their progression drastically.

Do you have a DBS Clearance?

Yes I have a full DBS Check from Scotland Disclosure and Barring Service dated November 2017.

What equipment do you use for teaching?

I mainly use an iPad with specialised apps designed to enhance the learning process, a MacBook with professional audio software, studio -grade loops to practice to, guitar pedals to demonstrate and explain effects commonly used in songs (including a loop pedal for quick demonstration), and two electric and two acoustic guitars for myself and the student. There are also numerous lessons on this site to chase up any information about particular lessons.

How do you personalise a learning experience?

When we first meet for the free consultation, I'll ask you a few questions about yourself, who you like to listen to, who you want to play like, what type of learner you are  etc. I will listen to the musician(s) material and determine the type of player they are. I will then design a pathway that will be the most effective way to get to where you want to be. Once this is done, I will customise the exercises and songs that suit you as a person and player and steer you toward the player you want to be. As you develop over time, we can look over changes and improvements you may want to make such as learning a style that you like to listen to, but is different to other things you're learning. Not only will it make you a more experienced player, but will effectively make you more aware of musicality in general and enhance your musicianship overall.

This is a no-obligation visit. Though this may seem like a strange concept, I care about my students and want them to learn and develop as quickly and as naturally as possible. This can only be done if I understand who they are as players and people. I believe this visit with a little bit of planning will excel interest and ability exponentially compared to standard guitar lessons, and it's completely free (provided you put the kettle on!).

What  are 'modules' are which ones are available?

'Modules' are techniques that are essentially the building blocks to each section we learn about in our lessons. Certain 'modules' are more relevant to other genres, such as "Sweep Picking" which has been popularised by Rock/Metal music. Despite this technique being popular in that genre, others such as Jazz and Pop music can still utilise this technique. Every module can be learned regardless of the package chosen, the modules set are suggested for that particular genre but there's always time to branch out to others.

Why should I choose LewisPlaysGuitar?

  • A  free consultation to create a tailored experience to enhance your learning abilities
  • Learning with professional equipment.
  • A personal progression chart to show areas of improvement throughout lessons.
  • The option to professionally record music for examinations.
  • Advice and support through exams (including theory)
  • Access to online lessons 24/7
  • A weekly recording of each lesson to go over the lessons.

Do you only teach guitar?

Guitar is my main tuition however I have had a lot of musical experience; I'm more than happy to teach about equipment, musical theory, safe and efficient set-up, production, and other things related.

The main thing I want from my pupils is to enjoy the music and playing. Fun and enjoyment comes first, always. Development will come over time but joy from the music is something that will stay with you forever.