3.1 Intervallic Playing Part II

Section 3

Lesson 5c: Intervallic Playing Part II

Playing the 9, 11, and 13.

So once you’re familiar with the intervals above and can recite them fluently, you’re ready to fill the gaps with the other intervals. We will be using the “Anchor” notes from the previous lesson. So all of the intervals can be reached within a tone of our Anchor notes. Below is a table showing how we would get to the notes that we don’t know. We essentially take the closest interval to the one we want to play and add or take away the necessary amount of semi-tones to get there.

A fun way to learn the intervals is by playing all of the anchors that we know and solo using those 4 intervals. We then add another one of the tones we don’t know by relating it to the closes one. For instance, if we wanted to play a major 2nd, we would take the note a tone away from the root/3rd and incorporate that in to our solo, and play it all around the neck from where the 3rds are (that we learned in a previous lesson).